The Eye-CEE System for Computer Users®

United Kingdom

Abbey Life Insurance
ABRO Stirling - Army
Admiral - Insurance
Alan Pascoe Associates - PR Sports Promotion Company
Aqualisa Products Limited
A.F.R.C. - Government
BASF - Chemical Manufacturing
Borough of Pendle - Local government
British Nuclear Fuels - Energy
British Rail - Transport
British Steel Distribution - Heavy Manufacturing
C & I Community Health Services NHS Trust - Health
Carlton Cards Ltd
Central College of Commerce - Education
Cheshire County Council - Local Government
City University Health Centre
Control Data Systems PLC - Computing
Crumlin Road Health Centre - Police
Devilbiss Health Care (UK) Ltd. - Health
Dillons Bookstore
Disablement Welfare Rights - Charity
DRA - Defense
Edinvar Housing Assn.
Fennemores Solicitors
Frank Peters Colour Printers
Grange School - Education
GSI UK Ltd - Milk Marketing
H P Bulmers - Brewers (they make Cider )
Hackney Occupational Health Service
Harperbury Hospital - Health
Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers - Heavy Industry
Hayes- Telecommunications
H.M.P. Swaleside - Government Prison
IBM United Kingdom Limited
ICI Polyurathanes
Institute of Optometry
Interconnection System Ltd - Computing
Jones + Brother - Compter Manufacturers Brother
KPMG Peat Marwick - Accounting
London Borough of Waltham Forest - Local Government
Lonrho Textiles - Manufacturing
Lucas Group Services Ltd
L.A. Rombold - Aircraft Components
M/A Com - Light Manufacturing
Madge Networks - Computing
Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food - Central Government
Matrix - Computing
McDermott Engineering Europe Ltd. - Oil
Miki Travel Ltd - Japaneese Travel Company
Murata Manufacturing UK Ltd
North Hartfordshire District Council - Local Government
The Associated Octel Company Ltd - Oil/Petroleum products
Office of Gas Supply - Government
Olivetti UK Ltd
Postal Service, London - Government
Prescription Pricing Authority
Prescription Pricing Service
RARH - Army Gunnery Range, including radar operators
Redland Technologies
Royal Victoria Hospital - Health
R. L. Davison - Stock Market
Sedgwick Group plc - Insurance
SGS United Kingdom Limited
South and East Belfast Trust - Health
South Birmingham Health Authority - Health
Strand Lighting Ltd. - A part of Thorn EMI
University of Wales College of Medicine - Health
Velindra Hospital - Health
VET - Video Editing & Training Company

United States

Bush Brothers & Company
Steven Butzon, O.D.- Optometrist
Camp Dresser & McKee - Waste Disposal
Colorado State University
Denise Davis - Vision Therapist
Ed Godnig, O.D.- Optometrist
Eye-to-Eye Vision Care Services
Hughes Christensen- Manufacturing
Illinois College of Optometry
Mike Sansone, M.D.- Ophthalmologist
National Imaging and Mapping Administration
New England College of Optometry
Northeastern State University
Ohio State University College of Optometry
P. Kaufmann, Inc. - Banking
Pacific University College of Optometry
Southern California College of Optometry
Southern College of Optometry
Stephen Glasser, O.D.- Optometrist
State University of New York
United States Environmental Protection Agency- Georgia
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of California, Berkeley
University of Houston
University of Missouri, St. Louis


Heinekin b.v. - the Dutch brewing giant
PPT - Dutch Post Office
TNO - Dutch Standards Body
NIA - Dutch Institute for the Working Environment


OPSM - Optical Chain
Uncle Tobys - Food company (similar to Kelloggs)


Irish Shell - Oil
University College Cork
University College Galway


Shell Malaysia Ltd