Nutrition for Vision

While most people don't realize it, what you eat can affect how you see! Our eyes are as much a part of our bodies as any other organ, so they are influenced by our nutrition. New research has confirmed that nutrition can make a difference in our eye health. Most affected are conditions of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dry Eye Syndrome, Cataracts and Glaucoma. Dr. Anshel now lectures on these conditions and how to resolve them with proper nutrition.

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  Sore or Tired Eyes

Our eyes are designed to be used all of our waking hours. However, how we use them and under what conditions can affect how well they perform as well as how they feel.

Using a computer on a full time basis is a very intensive visual task. It requires accurate focusing and coordination from our eyes for long periods and can lead to tiring. However, another condition, known as convergence insufficiency can also lead to this tiring sensation. When our eyes need to see close objects, they must turn in toward each other to make the images of each eye align properly with each other. This process is known as convergence. If our visual system has difficulty performing this task, it will be a strain on the eye muscles and the feeling of ‘tiredness’ will by a symptom.

A complete eye examination is required to determine if this condition exists. There may be glasses or vision exercises prescribed to help to resolve the problem. The good news is that it can be overcome very easily with the proper treatment.


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