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While most people don't realize it, what you eat can affect how you see! Our eyes are as much a part of our bodies as any other organ, so they are influenced by our nutrition. New research has confirmed that nutrition can make a difference in our eye health. Most affected are conditions of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dry Eye Syndrome, Cataracts and Glaucoma. Dr. Anshel now lectures on these conditions and how to resolve them with proper nutrition.

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  Slow Refocusing

The lens inside the eye changes it’s shape and focusing power to allow us to see objects at a close distance. It also has the ability to relax it’s shape again to re-focus on distant objects. This process is called accommodation. Accommodation ability changes with age- being maximum when we are very young and gradually decreasing as we age.

If we do an excessive amount of close work and ask our eyes to accommodate to this close distance for long periods of time, the muscles (and the lens) can actually "spasm" so that they stay over-focused. Then, when we want to re-focus to a distant object, it may take a few extra seconds to do it. Likewise, if we rarely do any significant amount of close work and then ask our eyes to look up close for long periods, it may be difficult to bring the near objects into clear focus.

For people younger than 40 years old, this focusing should be very quick and automatic. If it isn’t, then the eyes have undergone some excessive stress and need some help. If you’re over 40, you have a condition known as presbyopia (prez-bee-OH-pee-ah). This is the normal decreasing ability to focus with age. It still can cause this slow refocusing symptom but can easily be remedied with ‘reading’ glasses.

In either case, if you notice slow refocusing of your eyes, you should have a complete eye examination to check the focusing ability to be sure it is appropriate for your age and working situation.


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